Exclusive 27-year-old desperate to join Sheffield United in January

Sheffield United take on Luton Town tomorrow and Mason Holgate will be looking for a far better day than his debut against Aston Villa.

Holgate was part of a back three that shipped five goals at home to the Villans and it was a nightmare debut really for the Everton man.

However, Holgate will hope to bounce back and show everyone just why he was signed in the first place.

Speaking to SUTV about Holgate, former striker and Sheffield United analyst Carl Asaba has urged the Everton loanee to succeed.

“I believe the club has wanted him for a long time because he has the qualities for the style of play we want to play,” the manager said of the player. Yes, he’s a good addition, and hopefully he’ll adjust as soon as possible. Mason Holgate has made the effort and had his agent work to make it happen, based on what I’ve heard about him. He has been adamant about wanting to attend. We are looking for someone who is willing to take on the challenge and fits that description,” Asaba stated.

Despite Holgate’s bad fate, desire exists.
When it comes to people like Mason Holgate and Ben Brereton-Diaz, you have to be fair. You have to give them some credit for their desire because they signed on loan to a squad that is essentially already done.

Here are some interesting things Asaba had to say regarding what he’d heard about Holgate wanting to sign. It indicates that the player desired the transfer, which could help retain him through the summer.

In the end, many Blades reacted negatively to Holgate’s entrance, particularly on the despised social media sites. However, he has Premier League experience and quality, so if he can play at least a passably high level, he might be a beneficial addition for the team in the short and long terms should he return.

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