Hollywood glamour Brings good news to Ayrshire with community and young people

The short film, Happy Hurlford, explores plans for the future community-based project

This week, the Odeon Cinema in Kilmarnock hosted the debut of a special film that a group of young people produced and directed, complete with an Oscars-inspired award ceremony. Ayrshire was given a taste of Hollywood grandeur.

The Hurlford youth produced the short video Happy Hurlford, which delves into their ambitions to create a new kind of community service that helps the youth in the neighborhood.

On Monday, January 29, a group of enthusiastic moviegoers, including Councillor Jim Todd and the Provost of East Ayrshire Council, attended the screening to find out more about how these young, inspirational people hope to realize their aspirations.

Thanks to an ambitious cooperation between Barnardo’s and Co-op, the community-based project will become one of 20 services offered around the UK.

The alliance aims to generate £5 million in the UK and assist 750,000 youth in meeting basic necessities like food, enhancing their mental health, and opening up new prospects.

Guests were treated to first-hand accounts from young people who have been inspired by the relationship and who were keen to contribute their ideas about the kind of service that Hurlford would benefit from prior to the screening. Kilmarnock is at the heart of Barnardo’s East Ayrshire families service, which provides help to the young people.

The young people received support from Barnardo’s and Co-op to create ideas for Hurlford Helping Hands, a food pantry that would offer affordable food to the community and be staffed by volunteers from the area.

The young people would also like to see community improvement initiatives like bulb planting, rubbish picking, and graffiti removal, as well as more specialized support to help manage their welfare and improve life chances.

The children’s service manager for Barnardo’s East Ayrshire, Linda Nisbet, stated: “We are extraordinarily honored and delighted to have the chance to collaborate with Hurlford’s youth. As we collaborate with the Co-op to unite communities and improve the lives of young people, it has been a pleasure to be a part of their journey.

“Young people and children require assistance and funding in order to realize their dream of starting a new community service, such as a nearby food bank. We hope that people in Ayrshire and throughout the United Kingdom will contribute to our fundraising efforts and learn more about the relationship.

“This innovative film just shows you what our young folk can do with the right influence and the determination,” Councillor Todd added.

It’s wonderful to see these young people participating in their neighborhood and creating a message that can be delivered to every home in Hurlford, explaining to folks that we, the Hurlford young community, are here to support you.

“The job that Barnardo’s does is fantastic. It’s wonderful that the Co-op, one of the nation’s oldest organizations, was founded with the same values and goals as the young people attempting to improve Hurlford.

According to research from Co-op and Barnardo’s, young people are more negatively impacted by the cost of living crisis than they have ever been. This collaborative study revealed that nine out of ten youth

In order to assist with the design and implementation of the collaboration, a group of twelve youth advisors, ranging in age from sixteen to twenty-five, have been assembled from around the United Kingdom. As compensated staff members, they are providing guidance and understanding of the issues that young people in the nation are concerned with in order to make sure that the partnership satisfies demands and, as a result, has a genuine and significant impact.

“It is really special to see the young people of Hurlford working to put service for the community in action because I know they have put in a lot of work to get to this point,” said Corrine, a team leader of the Barnardo’s and Co-op youth advisory group.

“I’ve witnessed the beneficial effects that Barnardo’s may have on

The 15-year-old Jasmine, who plays a prominent role in the movie, expressed her enjoyment of the experience, despite her first nervousness in front of the camera. However, this chance has increased my self-confidence.

“I’m excited for the new opportunities and seeing how far the Happy Hurlford project will go,” said Willow, 15, in addition. In the future, I want to assist and support the pantry as well as serve as a peer mentor.

The 14-year-old Eya added, “It was outside of my comfort zone and a terrific experience. As I tend to be somewhat shy, this has given me more confidence and allowed me to be among friends.

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