Caitlin Clark 3-pointers: How Iowa star can break Stephen Curry’s single-season NCAA record

Though Caitlin Clark’s record-breaking season at Iowa is far from over, she announced on Thursday that she plans to enter the WNBA Draft.

Not only is a national championship still a goal for Clark and the Hawkeyes, but the player of the year candidate still has records to shatter. Days after shattering Lynette Woodard’s unofficial women’s scoring record, she is expected to break Pete Maravich’s NCAA scoring mark on Sunday.

Not only is Clark creating history from outside the arc. In Wednesday’s rout of Minnesota, she broke the NCAA women’s single-season record for 3-pointers, and now she’s just one shot away from sharing the record with Stephen Curry.

View Clark’s 3-point total and her chances of breaking the NCAA single-season record here.

Caitlin Clark free throws
With 156 3-pointers made this season, Clark sets a new NCAA women’s record going into Sunday’s game. On Wednesday, she made her 155th 3-pointer of the year, breaking the previous record, and by the end of the game, she had made one more.

Although Clark has always been a talented shooter—her freshman season saw her set a career-high % for points made beyond the arc—she has increased her output even more during the past two years. With at least three games left in the season, Clark has already made a record-tying 140 3-pointers in 2022–2023 and 156 this season.

In order to shatter the NCAA single-season record set by former Davidson player Stephen Curry and former Liberty guard Darius McGhee, Clark now just needs to make seven 3-pointers. She is sixth on the NCAA all-time single-season list despite her age of 156. This puts Clark in a position to easily surpass the record and possibly break it should Iowa have a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

Is Clark going to jeopardise his record? Iowa would need to make a significant comeback, as she presently trails former Oklahoma great Taylor Robertson by 34 points. Before breaking the record last season and finishing with 537, Robertson’s career high was 497. Clark has 503 points despite playing in 22 less games than Robertson.

With 5.4 made 3-pointers per game on average, Clark is on pace to surpass Robertson’s record in just seven games. That probably means Iowa has to make it through the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA Tournament, but depending on how the Big Ten Tournament goes, the Hawkeyes might not have to make it all the way to the Final Four.

What about the NCAA record as a whole? With the possibilities Clark has left, it will be difficult to match Antoine Davis’ career total of 588, so that is most likely out of reach. But Davis did play five seasons compared to Clark’s four.

NCAA single season 3-point leaders

Only five players in NCAA history — all on the men’s side — have made more 3-pointers in a season than Clark, who has at least three games remaining between the regular season, Big Ten Tournament and NCAA Tournament.

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