Caitlin Clark makes big announcement about her future

Regarding her future, Caitlin Clark has made a significant announcement.

Clark announced on social media on Thursday that she would be participating in the 2024 WNBA Draft.

“This will be my final season at Iowa, even if there are still many more to do and the season is far from over. I’m thrilled to be participating in the WNBA Draft in 2024,” Clark stated.

“Words cannot adequately describe how much I appreciate all of the people who have helped me during my time at Iowa: my teammates, who have made the past four years the best; my coaches, trainers, and staff, who have always allowed me to be myself; Hawkeye fans, who pack Carver every night; and everyone who has supported us nationwide, especially the little ones.


Above all, without my family and friends who have supported me throughout it all, none of this would have been possible. My dreams have come true as a result of all of you.

Clark might have chosen to use her year of COVID exemption and go back to Iowa in 2025. She is going pro instead, and it is generally anticipated that she will be selected first overall in the draft on April 15th. The first pick is owned by the Indiana Fever.

At Iowa, Clark has grown into a true star. The senior guard won the AP Player of the Year award last season and has already received three All-American selections. This season, she is averaging 32.2 points, 7.4 rebounds, 8.7 assists, 1.7 steals, and 5.4 three-pointers made per game.

Additionally, Clark is a big draw who should boost the Fever’s and the WNBA’s attendance numbers. She still has the opportunity to guide her Iowa Hawkeyes to the national title, though, before all of that takes place.

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