2 Joe Hart Celtic replacement options named on Sunday Jury as Rangers told trophy priority

All the major Scottish football concerns are discussed by the Record Sport team.

What will Celtic fans remember about Joe Hart, and who should take his place?

CRAIG SWAN: Hart will always be cherished. He was a terrific addition and contributed to several trophy victories. A wide range of contenders will be present.

FRASER WILSON: He should be cherished for having resolved a significant issue and for playing a significant role in two, possibly three, titles. It will be extremely tough to replace Hart’s experience and quality as he has been outstanding over the past three years. Asking Angus Gunn a question would be a bad idea.

Michael Mannon is a major player who didn’t come to this place to relax. He gave Celtic his all, and he will be remembered as one of the great heroes of the Ange era. Martin Dubravka, a backup from Newcastle, would be a risky choice.

Rangers could face a busy spell, should the Ibrox side prioritise the Premiership over the Europa League?

CRAIG:Ange Postecoglou, although he wouldn’t admit it, did that and won the title. Clement should too if he faces 50/50 choices.

FRASER: Every day of the week. Getting to the final of the Europa League two years ago was stunning but you can bet the supporters would rather have won the title. They’re in the driving seat and fans will demand they stay there.

MICHAEL: No chance. Gers fans crave the title and it’s a tough balancing act, as has been seen in recent years. But Europe is where the real pedigree is and another charge would work wonders for the club and the country – as well as the coefficient.

Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid all failed to muster shots on target on the road this week, was scraping the away goals rule a mistake?

CRAIG: No it wasn’t. It should open the game up. They just played badly.


FRASER: It’s starting to look like it. There was a drama associated with away goals and even though Scottish sides seemed to be on the wrong end of the hard luck story 95 per cent of times it made for excitement.

MICHAEL: It’s a tricky one. The away goal had become too punishing and it forced home teams to defend. It’s now flipped the other way and it doesn’t seem to matter as wily coaches will adapt to whatever rules change.

With all the Battle of Brammall Lane chat this week, what’s the best – erm, worst – rammy you’ve seen at a Scottish game?

CRAIG: Hibs v Rangers in 1987 when Graeme Souness was sent off on debt stands out as a belter.

FRASER: There have been a few in 20 years of playing junior and non-league ball! Public restrooms are never a smart idea, and many years ago, during a rough game in Paisley, a 22-man brawl continued into the showers. It was as strange as it was gory.

MICHAEL: The match between Ally McCoist and Neil Lennon was amazing. When something becomes a contentious issue in the Scottish Parliament, you know it’s awful.


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