Oliver Glasner makes interesting comment about Steve Parish during Crystal Palace interview

Oliver Glasner’s first week at Crystal Palace was occupied with media commitments, and he has since brought up an intriguing issue in a recent interview.

Oliver Glasner’s Red and Blue army will finally take to the Selhurst Park field in just one day.

dealt his flawless resume and the fact that he was dealt a favorable first game, expectations are very high for the Austrian.

We’ve heard a lot from Glasner about his strategies and philosophy of football before the game.

But now he’s brought forward another intriguing point, this one regarding a November encounter with the owner of Crystal Palace.

Oliver Glasner offers an insightful observation regarding his initial visit to Selhurst Park.
During a “Walk & Talk” encounter in Selhurst Park with club media, Glasner shared some fascinating insights about his initial meeting with Steve Parish.

“I’ve been here before,” Glasner began, going on to specify the precise moment he had entered Selhurst Park.

“Yes, it started there—the 3-2 home game against Everton, where I met Steve Parish. Wherever I was sitting [pointing to the stands], that is. “Even I was cold,” jokingly said Glasner.

The game that Glasner referred to was the Toffees’ defeat on November 11. Given that this was done more than three months before to his appointment, it is clear that this was a planned action.

Glasner must have been the front-runner for the Crystal Palace position from the start.
Steve Cooper, the manager of Nottingham Forest, became the clear favorite when Roy Hodgson’s position appeared to be in jeopardy during the last several months.

The English manager was available to Palace if they had desired him, having been fired by Forest.

Still, it appears like Glasner was always the front-runner for the position given that he was meeting Parish at Selhurst Park three months prior.

In addition, Glasner said earlier this week that he had intended to take over in the summer but that certain events forced him to start right now.

It’s amazing to see how well-considered Palace’s decision appears to be.

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