John Textor has hit back at Crystal Palace fans who have questioned his involvement in the club

John Textor, the American co-owner of Crystal Palace, has retaliated against disgruntled fans who have criticized his role with the Premier League team.

Fan banners for Crystal Palace have been called “nonsense” by John Textor, who has defended his co-ownership of the team.

The American tycoon has been under fire from Eagles supporters for what they see as a lack of ambition and investment. In addition to his ownership in Palace, he owns Lyon and teams in Brazil, Belgium, and the United States. To express their displeasure with the club administration, supporters have created banners; one in particular targets Textor. “Multi-club ownership,” it stated. Stock market speculation. We don’t trust you, textor.

Textor, who owns about 45% of the Premier League team, has directly addressed the apprehensions of the supporters regarding his involvement in the organization. The 58-year-old argues that he doesn’t care about the flags in question and that his supporters “don’t need” to have faith in him.

He told the BBC, “There’s a lot of talk about that, but it’s misguided.” “I read these ridiculous banners. As one of the four board members, I got in a few years ago and did nothing but support. Then, I noticed banners that said, “Textor, we don’t trust you.” It doesn’t concern me.

“Since I’m not in charge of the club, they don’t have to trust me. People claim to want openness and fan ownership, but nothing is more transparent than a publicly traded US firm that announces material contracts in less than four days.

He went on, “It seems that the ultras at Crystal Palace don’t like capitalism,” in reference to the political attitude of the ultras who make the flag and his ownership of several clubs. Thus, I went to discuss it with them. ‘John, you bought Lyon, are you aware of the politics of your ultras in Lyon?’ they remarked to me as we were standing outside Selhurst Park. “God no, what are they?” I exclaimed.

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