John Textor opens up on partnership with Steve Parish at Crystal Palace

As of right now, John Textor has disclosed to Steve Parish how things operate at Crystal Palace.

The 58-year-old said as much in an interview with the BBC.

What then did John Textor have to say about Steve Parish and Crystal Palace? Let’s examine this.

John Textor discusses his collaboration with Crystal Palace’s Steve Parish.

The American, however, came under fire in January when The Times reported that he was considering selling his 45% ownership in Crystal Palace.

The Guardian’s Ed Aarons continued, “Textor was growing irritated with his lack of authority in making decisions because Parish has the last word.”

The Missourian, though, has now corrected the record.

“I came into Palace knowing I would be a minority owner,” Textor told BBC Sport. “When you’re a majority owner in three clubs and you get used to being very involved and then you have to change your hat to be a minority owner in another club, sometimes day to day it’s difficult to make that transition.”

“I had the option to purchase a majority, but I declined. Where do people go when discussing the turmoil on the Crystal Palace board? Who says this and who are they? Every Friday at 11 a.m., we get together, and Steve is the most communicative Premier League owner I’ve ever met. Our supporters should be prepared for us to differ on a player. That’s what’s expected of us, isn’t it?

There is no shortage of viewpoints regarding the ideal left-winger or right-back for your team. Should I show up to the meeting and declare, “Yes, Steve, I adore every option you’ve chosen”? In the past two years, we may have disagreed on two players, and now people want to talk about dysfunction. Regarding the multi-club issue, we slightly differ, but many others do as well.

“Steve is in charge of it, Eagle Holdings is the biggest stakeholder, and we are consulted on all significant decisions. It is evident that Steve worked closely with others to choose the coach.

John Textor deserves credit

Fair play to Textor for coming out and addressing the rumours of friction at boardroom level.

john textor crystal palace

Supporters have been eager to know exactly what is going on between Parish and Textor following those stories regarding discontent, so it is pleasing to see some clarity offered on the situation.

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