Cardiff City star pulled from squad amid worrying dressing room concerns

The winger was omitted from the squad for the Stoke City game and played for the under-21s instead this week

Ollie Tanner had to be removed from the Cardiff City team, according to Erol Bulut, who wanted to make sure the locker room was full of the appropriate people.

Early in the season, Tanner was an unanticipated star. Despite having a fantastic preseason, manager Bulut chose to keep him in his team for the Championship season, even though many had anticipated that he would be sent out on loan.

In the South Wales derby against Swansea, Tanner would show the manager that he still had faith in him by opening the scoring and winning the penalty, which Aaron Ramsey converted to make it 2-0.

The winger has been on the outside ever since as his play has steadily deteriorated. In fact, he didn’t make the roster last week, and this week he participated for the under-21 team.

Additionally, Bulut stated that he wanted to speak with the 21-year-old about his behavior in the locker room and during practice, but he also acknowledged that the player is improving and might soon return to action.

“I’ve had numerous conversations with him. He has improved during the last two weeks in the training sessions. Tanner will remain with us if he keeps up his mental and physical training at that level, Bulut stated.

“I’ll bring up the statement made by Ange Postecoglou, a Premier League coach, that having the wrong person in the locker room can ruin a lot of things. We do not want this. Here in the team, we strive to manage this. The right players and characters should be in the dressing room. Everyone needs to support one another.

“Young players may have one or two outstanding games before they start to fly a little.” Thus, it will take time to bring them back. Ollie experienced something similar, but after speaking with him numerous times, he has been doing great over the past two weeks. It doesn’t matter who performs—Ollie Tanner or someone else—I just want the best effort, so they must deliver the best

“If the body language in the training or dressing room is wrong then we have to separate him.”

Tanner’s Derby heroics caused his stock to spike extraordinarily high. It must be an amazing experience to go from non-league to the talk of Cardiff in a couple of months, especially at such a young age.

And Bulut acknowledges this, stating that the player must receive the necessary assistance in order to be reintegrated into the team for the last few games of the season.

He clarified, “He’s twenty years old.” “Since he just scored a goal against Swansea, people in the streets view him differently than they did a while back, perhaps when no one knew who he was. They recognize Ollie Tanner now! The hero is him!

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