That is the worst’: Roy Hodgson now reacts to what Crystal Palace fans have done

In an interview with the media prior to his team’s match against Chelsea, Roy Hodgson talked about the supporters’ backlash against him.

Following the most recent setback last weekend, Roy Hodgson’s job as Crystal Palace’s manager is in jeopardy.
The 76-year-old’s supporters at Selhurst Park are furious with him, and credible sources have revealed that there are serious discussions about his replacement.

The manager has now talked about the supporters and their animosity toward him, acknowledging that the worst case scenario is for the Palace supporters to be dissatisfied with the team.

Roy Hodgson reacts to Crystal Palace fans being discontent

Speaking to the press before Monday’s game against Chelsea, Hodgson has been discussing the fanbase and their protests as per Sky Sports.

He was asked whether seeing the fans turning on him was hurtful even after such a long career that he’s had in football.

“Yes. I mean we are in the business, we are in the job to A) try and coach a team to be the best team it can be and to win as many matches as it can and most importantly of all to give the fans something that they want to see and they can be proud of.

Crystal Palace News: Roy Hodgson confirmed as new manager | Football |  Sport |“It’s the worst possible situation when the supporters turn against us the way they have, and you can see that since we didn’t really get going after the Brentford game and continued with the victories that they were hoping for. We have suffered two severe losses, but that’s just a part of life; there is nothing we can do about it.

“We understand that they are not happy with the situation right now and are letting us know it; we have to take that on board and take it on the chin because they are right to do so, and most importantly of all we certainly can’t do without them. That’s where we are and we’ve gotta get on with it and we’re doing the best we can for them,” she said.

What happened with Crystal Palace fans against Brighton?

For those unaware, after the defeat on Saturday, rightfully, fans were absolutely fuming with the outcome and persistent failings at the club.

This led centre-half Joachim Andersen to confront the angry Palace fans after becoming aggravated by their reactions post-game.

He ended up being dragged away by coach Paddy McCarthy but it was a real sign of the toxic atmosphere currently within Palace.

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