Everton avoid paying Tottenham £10m thanks to Dele Alli joining Sky Sports MNF

Dele Alli, a midfielder for Everton, will be the Monday Night Football studio guest on Sky Sports..

Due to Dele Alli’s appearance on Sky Sports Monday Night Football, Tottenham will not receive the £10 million agreed upon when the midfield player signs a contract to join Everton in January 2022. Alli, who hasn’t played yet this season, will commentate on Monday’s Everton vs. Chelsea Premier League match.

Spurs secured a £10 million contingency in the agreement that saw Alli join the Toffees, contingent upon the 28-year-old making 20 premier league appearances on Merseyside. Alli, however, won’t be able to achieve that number due to injuries and a decline in form.

Since signing with Everton, Alli has only made 13 appearances under the manager Frank Lampard’s watch. In the event that Everton wins its final seven games to avoid Premier League relegation, Alli might have still played in 20 games.

However, he can only play a maximum of 19 games as a result of his appearance on Sky Sports on Monday. Spurs will never receive their £10 million from the deal because it is widely anticipated that Everton will release the England playmaker at the end of the current campaign.

Alli has had a difficult few years. Former MK Dons star, who was once the center of attention for a Spurs squad that competed for the Premier League title under Mauricio Pochettino, struggled in the last months of Jose Mourinho’s tenure and has recently had personal issues.

During a tearful interview with Gary Neville the Overlap in the previous summer, Alli disclosed that he had experienced childhood sexual assault. He disclosed that he had received mental health rehabilitation.

Upon his return from a loan spell with Besiktas at the end of the season, he told The Overlap, “I was in a bad place mentally and I found out I needed an operation [on a groin injury].”

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