Bristol City man shares position over contract situation, deal expiring in 2025

Tommy Conway, a forward for Bristol City, is letting people around him handle his contract negotiations so he can continue to concentrate on his game.
Conway, a graduate of Bristol City Academy, will have his present contract expire in the summer of 2025. It implies that a resolution is not absolutely necessary before the end of the current season, but it would provide some long-term clarity.

From his early days, the 21-year-old has now made 80 appearances for the Robins. He has contributed five assists and 21 goals in the process, eight of which have come this season.

Speaking to Bristol Live about his contract status, Conway stated that he is letting his family and agents handle contract negotiations. He decides not to be distracted and to concentrate on topics related to the pitch.

He clarified the situation by saying:

I prefer to leave it to my reps and my family, and I don’t like to become involved in it throughout the season.

“You could easily become sidetracked and engrossed in all of that conversation. Since playing football is ultimately what matters most, I don’t want it to have an impact on that. I just give my whole attention on my football and leave the rest to the people around me.

“I’m just totally concentrated on playing games; I don’t really get engaged in any of the conversations and occasionally I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll simply leave that to the folks working behind the scenes, and they’ll let me know if anything comes of it.

Looking to the future

As of right now, Conway is not participating in contract negotiations, so it’s unclear if his representation and Bristol City will reach a decision in time for the campaign. If not, maybe after the season is over the Scotland U21 striker will take a more active role in the situation.

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For a young player, the Taunton native has a respectable amount of senior experience and goals to his record. Even if he hasn’t been consistent, if he reaches the summer transfer window with just 12 months left on his contract, it’s possible that interest will arise.

In the event that interest materialises, the Championship team would be in a stronger position with a new arrangement sooner rather than later. It would also be a positive indication of confidence in Conway’s potential and ability.


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