Lionel Messi sparks controversy by refusing to swap jerseys with former team mate

The Inter Miami player Lionel Messi is back in the news because of a video that is making the rounds on social media. He can be seen in the video declining a welcome and refusing to trade shirts with LA Galaxy star Eriq Zavaleta.

This incident happened on Sunday, February 25, during the LA Galaxy vs. Inter Miami game, and it caused debate within the football community.

Messi is one of the greatest players in the world, therefore it’s normal for his MLS opponents to try to get a chance to speak with him, trade some words, or maybe get a signed shirt. But Messi seems friendlier to his fellow Argentinians than to other players, which has raised questions about his behaviour on the pitch.

Lionel Messi sparks controversy by refusing to swap jerseys with LA Galaxy player

Messi appears to be ignoring a LA Galaxy player who approaches him during the game, according to the video. Messi draws criticism for his on-field demeanour as he seemingly ignores the other player’s remarks and keeps moving forward.

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Messi is heard responding, “No, I’m not giving it to you,” later in the same video, in reference to his unwillingness to trade jerseys with the player for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Social media users have responded to this action with remarks, some of which suggest that Messi lacks humility.

Commentators have reacted differently to this occurrence; some have suggested Messi should be more humble, while others have drawn comparisons between his conduct and those of other elite players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that the footage only shows a small portion of the event and leaves out key background information.


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