Ipswich Town Legend Warns ‘Headstrong’ Blues After Rotherham Game

Legend of Ipswich Town Mick Mills has emphasized that Kieran McKenna’s team cannot consistently afford to be dogmatic about their style of play.

When Cafu tied the score at 3-3 in stoppage time at Portman Road against Rotherham United, it appeared as though the Tractor Boys had lost two points.

But Omari Hutchinson’s magnificent finish in the fifth minute of injury time sealed the three points for Ipswich in a 4-3 victory.

Ipswich can either accept the three points and move on from their performance, Mills emphasized, or they may take a critical lesson from the fact that they nearly lost the game at home against Rotherham.

He maintained that when facing a team like Rotherham, who press hard up front, McKenna’s team shouldn’t be stubborn about their style of play and that, on occasion, they should adapt their game to fit their opponents.

The Ipswich legend believes that Tuesday night’s three-point victory was extremely fortunate for the home team.


“It’s one of those nights, I think you just really take the result; take the points and you forget everything about the game,” Mills stated on BBC Radio Suffolk.

“Unless, perhaps, you file this one away in the back of your mind and simply state that, given the system they were using and the pressing they were applying tonight, you really need to alter your style of play if we ever face a team as hot as Rotherham was.
You can’t just act so arrogantly and declare that we will play the way we have been trained, regardless of what the other team does.
“That is simply not possible in football.

Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and tell yourself, “We’re going to take a different route, and you have to follow it.”
“We’ve had a great deal of luck to win the three points.”
In the Championship rankings, Ipswich and Leeds United, who are in second place, are now tied on points.



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