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When the Lions concede the first goal in a game, things do not tend to go to plan

Joe Edwards has acknowledged that it has been challenging to keep up with Millwall’s declining results.

The latest instance of the Lions giving up the first goal and losing a game to Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday was a 2-0 loss.

Millwall has lost all 26 games in which they have given up the first goal since a 2-1 triumph over West Bromwich Albion in October 2022 when John Swift scored the game’s first goal.

A draw at Watford - in which a delighted Wes Harding thought he had won it five minutes from time - was only one of three occasions where Millwall have gone behind and drawn this season. Image: Millwall FC

This season, Millwall has only managed to salvage three points from losing positions—draws against Hull City, Preston, and Watford in October—while under Edwards, the team has yet to salvage even a draw after giving up the first goal.

When asked about the tendency, the manager of Millwall responded, “It’s really hard.” You can only put more effort into the areas where you believe you still need to grow.

“With the possible exception of the teams at the top, your Leicesters and Southamptons, no team has the right to expect to dominate any Championship game from the first to the ninetieth minute. However, if we get off to a strong start, we shouldn’t cling too much to that [ability] because games will fluctuate.

“What’s effecting our outcomes right now is reality, but both the atmosphere in the stadium and the way our games feel are determined in both boxes.

“In games where we have opportunities to create, we either don’t take them or don’t create significant enough moments.” Additionally, there are far too many instances on our end at The Den where there is a lot of activity, huffing and puffing between the boxes, and then they enter our box, scoring a goal to put us down 1-0.

We put effort, attention, and analysis into how we defend and place our box. We practice finishing, crossing, and running into boxes a lot in our training. We put in the effort and observe positive results on the training field; now is the time for it to pay off.Because it’s the only way to try and keep getting better, even though I know some Millwall supporters who would hear me say that and are probably as tired of hearing it as I am of saying it.

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