Might the injuries in Baltimore affect Cease’s trade market?

GLENDALE, Arizona When White Sox general manager Chris Getz addressed the media on Thursday at noon at the Camelback Ranch back fields, he had not received a word from the Orioles.

With Baltimore’s Kyle Bradish expected to start the 2024 season on the injured list due to a right UCL strain, it might all change. In addition, John Means, a left-hander, is a month behind the Orioles’ starting lineup due to an elbow injury sustained during the previous series. After Corbin Burnes, Grayson Rodriguez, and Dean Kremer, Baltimore has pitchers that might finish the rotation. However, the organization also has a strong Minor League system to force the White Sox to play Dylan Cease again.

As Cease indicated on Wednesday, Getz intended to notify Cease in advance if a deal was about to happen. To keep the even-keeled Cease at rest, Getz does not have to give an update on every trade detail or rumor.

Getz remarked, “I don’t worry about Dylan Cease just because of the pitcher’s makeup. I’ve said this many times.” “I am aware that his daily focus is improving and honing his trade. I am aware that he had an amazing offseason.

“He’s experienced triceps tightness in the past, but he went through the offseason without any minor setbacks, so I know he’s ready for Opening Day and well-positioned for the season. It appears that the White Sox will be involved at this time.

Cease added that he feels like it still needs to be earned and that he’s really not thinking that far ahead. Cease seems amused by the early nature of manager Pedro Grifol’s pick as his Opening Day starter. In contrast, Getz has remained committed to making transactions that will benefit the squad as a whole.

Getz stated, “I have to consider the organization’s overall health.” We must take such things into consideration if there is a chance to improve our Major League team not only this year but in the years to come. Regarding external interest, a multitude of factors may influence that.



“You mention potential injuries and lack of output with other teams; those could be contributing factors. Dylan is a vital component of our group and is getting ready, but we’re willing to consider anyone, Dylan or not, if we believe we can provide both immediate and long-term support to the organization.”

The moose is not in control.

Grifol, Getz, and Mike Moustakas—the most recent addition to the White Sox via a Minor League contract and non-roster invite—are undoubtedly acquainted with one another, having shared a 2015 World Series championship with the Royals.

He’s triumphant. He’s a successful candidate, Grifol stated. And he’s consistently come out on top. He’s been successful since high school, really. Having him come in here and compete for a position, along with adding that championship pedigree and edge to the clubhouse, is something I believe is extremely beneficial for us.

Having someone with his background, who has played in two World Series, won one, and been an All Star, is incredible. Therefore, it seemed like a really logical decision to have him come in here, hang out with the guys, and compete for a position, Getz said. “Happy to have him join this group.”

Talking about Moustakas’ possible role is premature because the left-handed infielder still needs to prove his worth.

Getz stated, “Knowing Mike, he wants to prove that he can still go out there and be a productive Major League player when he has something to truly prove.” “I thought this was a good idea, knowing that he has that baked into his mindset right now.”

Take a chance.

Early in White Sox camp, the importance of taking advantage of Spring Training opportunities has been emphasized.

“I’m thrilled about it,” Actually, we had a great conversation about opportunities recently,” White Sox starter Michael Soroka, who was acquired from Atlanta, stated. “Obviously, we’re making some changes, and Skip made sure to let us all know that there are a lot of opportunities here as well. One of the players trying to take advantage of the situation is myself.

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