Nuggets’ Michael Malone Critical of Milwaukee Brutal Firing of Adrian Griffin

Adrian Griffin’s release from the Milwaukee Bucks about a week ago sent shockwaves across the NBA. A number of celebrities, including Michael Malone of the Denver Nuggets, expressed their opinions about the way the team handled the incident.

The Bucks management staff believed that important players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton would leave the team before the current campaign even started. This made it possible for Griffin to be hired since Milwaukee saw him as a solid pick for a future rebuild.

When the Bucks committed to Damian Lillard as their starting point guard, that all changed. The new All-Star team of Antetokounmpo and Lillard would have to play for the rookie coach, though, since Griffin’s hire was finalized.

Despite the Bucks’ easy run at winning in the beginning of 2024, Griffin was let go by the top office. Even though Antetokounmpo has been accused of being involved in the situation, Milwaukee has moved on by appointing Doc Rivers as their new head coach.

Michael Malone of the Denver Nuggets offers a critical analysis of the Milwaukee Bucks’ firing of Adrian Griffin.

Following the Denver Nuggets’ home victory over Milwaukee, Michael Malone spoke with media members to address their inquiries, namely pertaining to what Rivers could accomplish for the Bucks. Prior to responding to that question, Malone discussed his feelings on Griffin’s termination.

Vinny Benedetto tweeted the following on X:

Malone is not alone in believing that the Bucks gave Griffin the short end of the stick. Prominent figures such as Gilbert Arenas, Frank Vogel, and Jamal Crawford have voiced their thoughts on the subject, and they essentially agree with the Nuggets head coach.

Regardless, with Rivers at the helm, the Bucks will concentrate on winning now that he is the head coach. It will take time to determine whether or not Milwaukee will benefit from this choice.

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