WATCH: World’s fastest drone chases Verstappen around Silverstone

The world’s fastest drone is pursuing three-time world champion Max Verstappen as he drives Red Bull’s brand-new RB20 around Silverstone, in stunning footage supplied by the company.

The amazing vision is the result of a specially created drone that can travel at speeds well over 300 km/h.

In order to create the amazing vehicle, a group of Dutch drone builders collaborated with Red Bull Racing and set out to chase Verstappen around a Silverstone lap.

The goal was to follow Verstappen in the RB20 for the duration of a lap while piloted by Ralph Hogenbirk of the Dutch Racing Gods. Hogenbirk utilised “FPV goggles” to operate the drone.

Hogenbirk clarified, “This is a special drone because this is the only one with a fitted camera and goes this fast.”

“We have created something completely unique and custom-built.

The task of developing a drone fast enough to maintain the car in full frame and take an intriguing picture is really difficult.

“This shoot was the craziest I’ve done so far, without a doubt.”

The Dutch Racing Gods created the original design and had it 3D printed, which enhanced the racing drone’s aerodynamics.

After being created, it tracked Liam Lawson, the team’s RB19 driver, during a dry lap of Silverstone to test the design.

Before going after Verstappen, the team sought Red Bull Racing’s assistance in honing the technique.

The outcome is an amazing sequence that showcases a Formula 1 car’s performance in a way that has never been seen before, even in rainy conditions.

Verstappen remarked, “I never thought I’d see a drone going that quick just for camera footage.”

“When I drove in the rain, I had no idea it was following me, and in some spots, it was really close to me.”

How fast it could keep up and how close it could get in the corners really astonished me.

“It offers a slightly different viewpoint when watching Formula 1.”

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