3 reasons the Maple Leafs should pull off a blockbuster for Colton Parayko

The Blues might still be able to trade Colton Parayko to a team that isn’t out of the postseason picture, so the Maple Leafs should give them a call.

Near the 2024 trade deadline, the Toronto Maple Leafs might acquire a goalie, but considering their recent strong play in the net, they might choose to take a different approach. If you haven’t been following Toronto lately, you should know that they have been playing like one of the greatest teams in the NHL since February 13th. If they continue to play at this level, a blockbuster trade might be in the works as they attempt to make their largest Stanley Cup drive to date.

Colton Parayko, who just lost twice in a seven-day span against the Maple Leafs, is one possible trade possibility that springs to mind. In general, Parayko’s St. Louis Blues squad is having trouble surviving in the wild card race, so if the Blues decide to sell, a player of his calibre may be headed out.

The Maple Leafs should strongly consider Parayko by the deadline

Although Parayko has a few suitors, the Maple Leafs are the squad that stands out the most. As Parayko is in the second year of a new contract, they would, for starters, acquire a player who would be a part of this consistent postseason challenger for the remainder of the decade.

Moreover, Toronto would only be required to pay him his maximum salary of $8 million annually for the following two seasons since his deal is frontloaded. The long-term advantages of an exceptional blueliner for a team that travels to the postseason each year speak for themselves, even though the Maple Leafs would have to give up a lot to make this move happen.

Additional challenges include Parayko’s entire no-trade clause, but there’s a fair possibility he would waive it to join the powerful Maple Leafs rather than the struggling Blues.

It would obviously be a very costly and daring move on Toronto’s behalf, especially in the beginning. Let’s discuss the three main reasons the Leafs ought to go to whatever lengths to get Parayko to Ontario, though.

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