Ex-Premier League CEO says Nottingham Forest should land ‘transfer ban’ due to …

In the event that Nottingham Forest is found guilty of violating the Financial Fair Play regulations, former Everton manager Keith Wyness has suggested that the team should face a fine or a transfer ban.

The 66-year-old, who ran a football consultancy advising elite clubs after serving as CEO of Goodison Park from 2004 to 2009, stated he would look to make the financial rules fairer if he were in charge of the top flight in an interview with Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast.

In January, Forest faced charges for violating Profitability and Sustainability (PSR) regulations. The club was accused of going over their permitted losses of £61 million for the three years leading up to the conclusion of the previous season.

It is highly likely that their 2022–23 campaign, which saw them sign at least thirty players after promotion, was caused by their transfer window misdeeds.

Everton was put in danger of relegation earlier this season after they were found guilty of a similar infraction and given a 10-point deduction, which is still pending an appeal.

Nottingham Forest should get fine or transfer ban, says expert

The Toffees were also charged with a separate breach alongside Forest and both sides will find out the verdict on those cases before the end of this season.

If Wyness were in charge, he would be considering a punishment or a transfer window ban, he said on Football Insider’s Insider Track programme. This is the best course of action, in my opinion.

“After that, I would look into it right away to see if we could persuade them to move into a more equitable window and amend these FFP rules.

“Reducing points is an extremely harsh measure that surpasses the purpose of the penalty.”

“I believe that the Premier League’s use of financial penalties needs to change during this season. There has been a lot of outrage over this.


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