Ipswich Town: Brandon Williams suffers ‘dreadful’ injury set-back – Kieran McKenna has revealed

Ipswich Town loanee Brandon Williams has ‘suffered a set-back in his recovery’, manager Kieran McKenna has revealed.

After a string of recurrent sicknesses and “knocks,” the 23-year-old full-back went to parent club Manchester United in January for a “medical assessment.”

McKenna stated on February 2 that he anticipated Williams returning to the team “in 10-14 days.” That was three weeks prior.

“We were hoping that would be the timescale, but he’s a had a set-back in his recovery,” stated the manager of the Blues.

“He’s not training yet, but he’s still at United.” He’s not even on the grass with them yet, so we don’t know how long the setback will take. Thus, he’s still a ways off.”

Tomorrow at Portman Road, Town plays Birmingham City in a Championship match. After Tuesday night’s 4-3 victory over Rotherham at home, McKenna responded to a question about injuries, saying, “I think we’ve come through it pretty well.”

“Despite taking a bump to the knee, Kieffer Moore is able to work out today.

“Thankfully, Jeremy Sarmiento’s hamstring scan revealed that there was only tightness and no strain. He was able to participate in part of the session today, and tomorrow, he might be able to continue.”

“Harry Clarke has been quite constrained since he had a really terrible dead leg. To see how much he can contribute, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to make that decision.


“There’s no problem, even though Wes Burns fell on his shoulder.

“Of course it’s been a busy run of games and that did show in bits of the game on Tuesday night, but everyone today seemed in a pretty good place and I’m sure by the time kick-off comes around, with a packed out Portman Road, the energy levels will be really good.”

When asked about George Hirst, the injured striker who has been out of action for a long time due to hamstring surgery last month, McKenna said, “He’s progressing as planned.” He’s training in the weight room, hasn’t hit the pitch yet, and is still on track to maybe be fit by the end of the season.”

The Blues are still without Jack Taylor (quad) and Janoi Donacien (groyne).



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