Sheffield Wednesday boss admits ‘really tough’ situation over injured Owls man

Danny Röhl acknowledges that while Juan Delgado’s Sheffield Wednesday career may be finished, they are unable to say for sure at this time.

Early in the season, during Xisco’s tenure as manager, Delgado was virtually always there for the Owls. However, he departed the pitch against West Bromwich Albion in October and hasn’t been seen there since.

After returning home for international duty, the 30-year-old Chilean international had a hip operation later that month. He has been working hard over the past few months to get healthy again in order to play a large role in the latter half of his debut season in England.

Röhl has expressed worries in the past about when he would return to action, choosing to be left off the squad list for the time being. It looks as though he might not play again in 2023–2024.

“The tale seems to go on forever,” the Owls president stated to The Star. Though he’s working hard in the gym, I think it’s incredibly difficult to see him. We will have to wait in this instance as he hasn’t yet reached the point of team training.

“There might be a chance, but it’s also possible that he won’t be able to play on Wednesday. Right now, it’s hard to predict what will occur over the coming months.”


This season, Wednesday has had its fair share of long-term injuries, so as the team approaches the business end of the season, Röhl will be eager to have as many players available as possible lol.

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