Cowboys Jerry Jones fuels speculation with Bill Belichick statement

Retiring as a coach in 2024 seems improbable, given famous coach Bill Belichick is one of just three coaches in NFL history with 300 wins, and he is just 27 wins away from surpassing Don Shula’s record. After a horrible 4-13 season, Belichick and the New England Patriots decided to part ways earlier this month. Although he came close to getting hired in Atlanta, Belichick has not been hired and will not be receiving any more interviews. However, following the first-round playoff disaster that resulted in a loss to the Packers, he became associated with the Dallas Cowboys.

Additionally, team owner Jerry Jones stated at the Senior Bowl this week that he saw no obstacles to working with Belichick in the future. This is a surprise comment considering how much Jones and Belichick value control over all other aspects of their teams. Reports state that the Falcons ultimately decided against employing Belichick due to authority over team decisions.

In Dallas, that wouldn’t be a problem. According to Yahoo Sports, Jones stated, “I like him and I know him personally.” “I have no doubt that we could collaborate.” Not one. None at all.

Cowboys Bill Belichick 2025 Rumors Already Rolling

Jones declined to comment on whether or not he discussed the Cowboys job with Belichick following the Green Bay loss. Before it was officially announced that Mike McCarthy, the team’s head coach, will return for his fifth season with the Cowboys, Jones had to wait three days.

It should be noted that McCarthy is nearing the end of his Dallas deal. He would have to constantly be on the lookout for signs of job security in the event that the club struggles mightily the next season. Thanks to our wonderful friends on Twitter and X, that conjecture has already started.

“Bill Belichick, just sit tight, there may be a job opening in 2025 with America’s Team,” former NFL player Bucky Brooks stated last week. Examine the Cowboys roster and prepare.

As the Cowboys’ coach, McCarthy is 1-3 in the postseason. He raised some questions when it was revealed that he would rejoin the squad as coach, claiming that they had a championship program in place.

“This is what I would like to convey: A championship program has been built. McCarthy remarked, “It’s just not the world championship yet.” “We are skilled at winning and trained to win. The proper folks are here. However, we haven’t yet reached the point of winning postseason games. And to be sitting here talking about it is just depressing. I know how to win, though. We’ll cross the threshold. I stand here today because I am completely confident in it.

Jones Not Commenting on Coach’s Future

Regarding Belichick’s prospects, Jones merely provided a polite dismissal. He maintained that he had no conversations with Belichick before to choosing to retain McCarthy. Belichick reportedly turned down offers from the Eagles and Cowboys earlier this month because he didn’t want to cope with the severe public scrutiny, according to a report from Pro Football Talk.

Jones stated on Tuesday, “I don’t want to get into, for reasons of talking about anybody that I may have talked to that has been bantered about coaching.” However, I remained silent. I have only spoken with myself when it comes to head coaching candidates.

Regarding Belichick’s comeback to coaching, Jones declined to share his insights.

“I’m not sure,” Jones responded. “I’m not sure; I wouldn’t guess.”

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