Blackburn Rovers boss gives latest on Adam Wharton’s future

In order to shield Adam Wharton from the ongoing rumors regarding his future, Jon Dahl Tomasson left him out against Wrexham.

A proposal for his services from Crystal Palace was turned down by Blackburn Rovers, and negotiations regarding a possible transfer to Selhurst Park have not ended.

Although Tomasson said there is still a potential the gifted midfield player may leave the team, he hinted that another bid hasn’t been received yet.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Wharton’s immediate future, the head coach appeared at ease and chose to remove the youth off the firing line.

“We know what I think about Adam, he is a great player and I enjoy working with him daily,” he stated.

We are aware that there are several rumors. Adam is a fantastic player who may play for England in the future. He might disappear; that’s the nature of football and life.

“Whether Adam plays for this team or another, we know that the Rovers community is proud of him. When will that happen—tomorrow, this summer, or the following year? Let’s observe and wait.

Wharton is being watched by various clubs

“Everyone is driven, and Adam likes to play our kind of football. It’s not a tough decision for a player to play Premier League football if given the chance.

“As I have stated, the club rejected a bid. . That was a good choice. There are a few days left and hopefully, we’ll get some signings in those days.”

“We have to protect a young man when all of these things are happening around him,” he continued.

“He’s played a lot of minutes and it was a chance to give other players a chance.”

Rovers are still hoping to sign players before Thursday’s transfer deadline, if not their own players.

Two players worth watching are Jerry Yates and Nat Phillips, with the former being more likely to play for the Rovers. Tomasson restated his demands before the end of January, although he did not comment on those individuals directly.

“There are always rumours, that we are lacking proven goal-scorers at this level,” he stated.

“We lack both experience and numbers. Our fans are aware of what I said to the club throughout the summer, so it can’t come as a surprise.

“I understand the financial situation and I respect it but we need to strengthen the squad.”

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