Danny Röhl makes frank admission on Sheffield Wednesday fans

After a humiliating 4-0 loss, Sheffield Wednesday’s manager Danny Röhl acknowledged he “understands” the sentiment of the fans who left the John Smiths Stadium thinking their team was almost certainly going down, but he claimed he will pick himself up and “go again” on Monday morning.

The Owls’ chances of surviving were severely damaged by a four-minute span of unanswered goals in the second half, following an unusually calm first hour given the gravity of the situation. Wednesday had a strong start, but their efforts were in vain as the game in West Yorkshire ended in an avalanche defeat following Matty Pearson’s headed first goal on minute 68.

Before the final whistle blew, the away end filled with distraught supporters. Röhl gave a quick analysis of the game, saying, “Until that first goal, it was a typical fight from both teams, both teams had some moments but it was about the duels, second balls.” We didn’t play how I would have liked to, and in certain situations, I felt like we weren’t giving it our all. After a few of our good moments, we gave up a goal from a corner.

“The three goals that were given up following the corner are evident from the goals. For us, it was too simple at first and then too difficult. For more than ninety minutes, we must play at our absolute best. It will be difficult to take action if we don’t do this. We talked about how well we played against Watford and how unfortunate it was that we didn’t win.

“Everyone is taking a hit today. My players feel let down. I will encourage them on Monday, as we still have 16 games left. It is difficult to admit, but in ten games, we went from 13 points to three points. There are sixteen now. Although it’s a difficulty, we must attempt it. We’ll find out in the end.”

Despite the fact that there are still 16 games to go, the Wednesday manager responded, “I absolutely understand them,” when asked to address supporters who might believe the race is being played for a team eight points and an unhealthy goal differential gap behind the safety slots.

They may be disappointed, in my opinion, because they came with high expectations. We had the opportunity to move up to two points today, but when I came, we were behind Huddersfield by eleven. This was the opportunity. We got the opportunity to do this after 60 minutes. You thought it was difficult when it finishes 4-0. However, we must take this action. Though it is difficult to find the correct words, I will proceed and return on Monday.”

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